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The future of online shopping

The human touch

Bring a personal touch to your online store with live video.

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Competitive edge

Empower your staff, experts or
influencers to assist online shoppers.

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Boost your sales

With Korkuma your customers will buy up to 70% more.

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Why online stores love Korkuma

Livestream shopping

Bring your products to life with our picture-in-picture stream. Allow your customers to browse your store with you on the side, or let them focus on your show in full screen mode.

Interactive chat

Implement the personal touch of offline interactions with our live chat. Answer your customers’ questions in real-time from the comfort of their homes.


Get detailed information on your stream. Find out what devices were most used to watch the stream, average viewing time, impressions, and more.

"Two hours of livestreaming brought in more revenue than we typically get in a week."

Michael K., E-commerce Director

With you every step of the way

Easy to get started

Bring a personal touch to your online store with live video.

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Dedicated support

Our customer success team will ensure a smooth launch and help you.

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Global scale

Interact with customers around the world from the comfort of their home.

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