4 simple things to do to make your livestream the best

While livestream shopping comes with a large number of benefits for your business there are a number of things you can do to really push your stream to the next level. This will ensure you get the most out of your time while going live and ensure you aren’t just talking to an empty chat. By following these four simple steps you are sure you have a successful stream. 

Pick the right host to carry your livestream

There are a number of things you can do to make your livestream as seamless as possible but one of the most important things you should consider before committing to a stream, is who your host is going to be. 

There are a number of options you may consider for your host, the main three being: yourself, another member of your staff, or an outside influencer. 

Obviously, the first two of these options will save you some extra money but you may want to consider hiring an influencer if your wallet stretches that far. 

It is worth noting that if done correctly, hiring an influencer can be extremely beneficial with almost 90% of marketers finding return on investment from influencer marketing comparable or better than that of marketing channels. 

If this isn’t within your budget no stress. We go into this in more detail in our 4 Myths about Liveshopping post. 

Look to your staff instead, or even to yourself. In the age of technology, many people are confident and proficient in being in front of a camera, and an additional bonus of using your own staff members is that they already know your products. 

In some ways, this may be more favorable than using an influencer as their approach is bound to be more authentic as they know the products inside and out. 

Authenticity is one of the most important things when it comes to your host as 86% of customers say this is a deciding factor in choosing who to buy from. 

As long as your chosen host is entertaining, has a good knowledge of the products you aim to sell, and obviously isn’t camera shy, you are good to go.

Use discounts to optimize your sales

Discounts have long been used in the world of retail to increase sales of certain items. There are a whole host of other benefits they can bring to your business all discussed in our post here.

A good technique to draw new consumers in is to offer discounts to first-time customers, but make sure to reward your loyal ones too! 

Even better for your livestream is to advertise discounts that are limited to that one event, you will not only draw more viewers in, but you will also increase the number of sales made throughout the stream. 

By providing discounts that are exclusive to your livestream event you will also be giving your brand a head start against the competition. People will be less likely to shop around because they will already believe they can get the best value for their money with you. 

By providing event discounts you will also encourage more people to share your stream with their friends so that they don’t miss out on any deals. All in all, it’s a no-brainer when it comes to offering discounts or not.  

Promote your livestream on social media

As with all events, it is important to promote in the upcoming weeks. In order to do this successfully, you should ensure you have active social media accounts for your brand. 

We have a whole post found here that details the ways in which your business can be improved with the use of social media, and who best to approach it if you don’t already have active or successful pages. 

With around 44% of internet users using social media platforms to research brands, promoting your business and livestream on these platforms is a must. 

In the weeks that are leading up to your livestream event, you are going to want to make sure that you promote it several times on your social media pages. It is important that you try and do this in a natural way and avoid coming across as spammy. 

Don’t just list the time, date, and details, make it more interesting than that. You may wish to give a sneak peek of some of the products you are going to feature in your stream. 

Alternatively, you could promote in-stream discounts and even create offers for those who share, like, and comment on your posts.

Make your brand user friendly and memorable

This final point really comes down to clever planning and customer awareness. While our tool, Korkuma, is extremely easy to use, for both business owners and customers, you will want to ensure you conduct your livestream in the most user-friendly way possible. 

In addition to this, many of your viewers will most likely go on to browse your online store after they are done with the stream. Therefore, you will want to ensure your website provides a seamless and pleasant experience for your consumers. 

To do this you will want to ensure a clear layout for your website and products, and you should ensure that the page is also mobile-friendly as 51% of all web traffic now comes from mobiles.

You will also want to think carefully about the colors of your website as using a signature color can increase your revenue by 80%

Finally, shopping cart abandonment is a very real issue facing a lot of online retailers and so you will want to ensure you are reducing this as much as possible. Allow for an easy sign-up/checkout process, ensure you are using secure payment methods, and consider offering free delivery (at least for orders over a certain amount). 

The number one reason for people abandoning their shopping cart is that the shipping costs are too high.

By ensuring you have paid attention to the four points discussed above your livestream should be good to go. There are plenty of other tips and tricks you may wish you try out and implement. However, as an absolute minimum, this little guide will ensure you have a stream that is both entertaining, well attended, and provides incentives to your customers. As always, we are here to help should you need any advice.


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