Choosing the best livestream platform for your needs

As livestream shopping gains traction and popularity in the e-commerce world, there are more and more platforms appearing that offer live streaming services to sellers. As a result, it can become very overwhelming when deciding which platform to stream with, and so we have put together this handy guide to help you. 

As you will see by the end of this article, many platforms are tailored to certain brands or influencers, others offer services that can be used by a wide range of sellers. It is up to you to decide which platform offers you the best fit and this will vary from person to person, from brand to brand.


Bambuser is a great option for the bigger more established brands

Some of you may have heard of Bambuser. This platform has been around for quite some time, developing into livestream shopping technologies in 2019. 

Bambuser has a lot to offer its clients and can definitely be considered a top-tier option, however, this doesn’t necessarily mean it is the right fit for everyone. 

Starting with a minimum of $599 a month streaming with Bambuser definitely requires a sizable budget. 

While quite advanced in its options and the technology it uses, choosing to stream with Bambuser appears to be quite complex and requires quite a bit of learning for those who are less technologically savvy.

Clients of Bambuser tend to be, unsurprisingly, high flyers with big brand names. Examples include Samsung, Ted Baker, ALDO, and many more. 

While Bambuser clearly has a lot to offer, and the price point seems justified, it may not be the most viable option for those who are just starting out in the world of livestream shopping, or for those who don’t own companies to match the size and marketing power of those that we see partnering with the platform.


ShopshopS solution runs all livestreams from their mobile app

ShopShopS is perhaps a lesser-known brand than names such as Bambuser but don’t let that put you off. ShopShopS, with headquarters in both New York and Beijing, is particularly good at connecting sellers with customers across global markets. 

ShopshopS doesn’t have a set pricing plan for its users, instead, they take a commission from the sales made. This commission averages around 20% and can eat into your profits quite quickly. 

ShopshopS is also unique to other live streaming platforms as they supply you with the streamer. Rather than having yourself or a staff member present your stream, ShopshopS has trained influencers and streamers to present for you. This may be a good thing if you aren’t confident in front of a camera, however, it does take the power somewhat out of your hands.

Currently, there is a waiting list to start selling with ShopShopS, and so for those of you who want to get selling live as quickly as possible, this may not be the option.

There is also little brand separation if you choose to sell with ShopshopS. As all the streams are held on their app, their own branding will always be present. This may not be an issue for some, but it can lead to less individuality and brand recognition.

Amazon Live

Amazon Live is a great option for established Amazon sellers in the U.S.

If you are in the U.S. then perhaps you are considering selling with Amazon Live. Unfortunately, this feature is only available to professional U.S. sellers registered in Amazon’s Brand Registry, U.S. vendors with an approved Amazon store, or Amazon influencers with an active influencer storefront. However, if you fall into one of these categories it is an option you may wish to consider. 

Amazon Live has two different pricing methods, either a commission of $0.99 on every unit sold, or a Professional plan that costs $39.99 a month and you can sell unlimited units. 

Selling with Amazon obviously comes with many benefits such as low marketing costs. It does, however, also come with a few disadvantages.

Selling with Amazon means that you have little to no brand image or individuality, all of the sales happen on Amazon’s own site and so obviously their logo is at the forefront of everything. 

Putting your products on Amazon also means you will be met with a lot of competition, this may mean you have to make compromises on your price points or risk losing out on custom. 

There are also other selling and referral fees to take into consideration when selling with Amazon. These all vary from person to person and depending on the category under which your products fall. All the relevant information can be found on their site.


Korkuma offers a simple, quick, and cheaper option for those looking to sell live

Finally, we come to Korkuma, our own live selling tool. Korkuma was designed with brands in mind and as of such, their best interests are at the forefront of our business model.

With a cost of $99 a month, Korkuma brings live streaming within the price range of smaller businesses.

There are also no waiting lists and with an easy set-up, Korkuma allows you to start streaming right off the bat, although we would recommend waiting at least a week in order to promote your event. 

Korkuma’s technologies also mean that you will be streaming from your own website and as of such there are no third-party logos to distract from your own brand image. Instead, you have full control over the streaming experience with added options to customize the finished look and feel. This extends to you being able to stream live or pre-recorded videos and enable or disable the live chat throughout your streams.

You are also provided with data and analytics with every stream, just as you would be with the more expensive options such as Bambuser. These analytics are aimed at helping you to make better marketing and advertising decisions.
For more platform comparisons, read our blog here that compares Korkuma’s features with those of free platforms, such as YouTube and Facebook.


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