6 ways to accelerate post-covid sales growth using livestreaming

Now that the end of our global pandemic is sneaking into peoples’ minds, businesses are hungry to make up for what felt like a lost year. With the advent of affordable, resilient live streaming for e-commerce brands via Korkuma and powered by, there are plenty of new, synchronous ways for brands to engage with customers beyond targeted ads and feed posts. Here are five ways brands can get out ahead: 

1. Product Walkthroughs 

Much like Apple’s famed in-store product sessions, Korkuma, powered by, allows businesses to create live streamed versions of the same walkthroughs for their customers. Customers can browse, ask questions, and demo products in real-time while an expert coaches them through. Businesses can host events by segment (eg: “lawnmowers for new suburban parents”), or offer sessions by product on how to get the most out of new features (eg: “what all those symbols mean on your new toaster oven”). 

2. VIP User Onboarding

When a new customer signs up, they’re making a bet that their relationship with your product will last. Good onboarding can help. By teaching customers how to get the most out of your product up front, they’ll be less likely to churn. Companies like Superhuman have made a name for themselves doing white-glove onboarding for their SaaS products, and Korkuma, powered by, lets any company do the same. Whether it’s 1-on-1 or in a small group, businesses can put their best foot forward and reduce churn by making a high-touch impact on customers from Day 1. 

3. Flash Sales / Drops

Creating drops around new merch has become a staple of brand strategy. But while the teasers and promos in the build up to these events has exploded, the actual point-of-purchase is lacking. The real thing ends up looking suspiciously like waiting in line, with customers hanging around a web page waiting to click refresh. Why not make the drop launch itself a live event? Brands can bring in product designers, special guests, and turn the ambient attention potential customers are already giving to their loading pages into something much more engaging.

4. Personalized shopping Experiences

Imagine being able to browse your favorite clothing site 1-on-1 with a sales rep on hand to help you find the product you like most. Or a “click to chat” function on a SaaS site that actually brings you to another human. Korkuma, powered by, gives businesses the ability to put people on the other end of their websites, instead of lackluster videos and static text, and makes online shopping feel more like the real thing. 

5. Remote Employee Onboarding

Scaling-up to meet post-Covid sales needs requires navigating a very different hiring environment than the one we left in March 2020. Remote work is now the norm, which means everything from the interview process to employee onboarding happens on our screens. Korkuma makes this process a breeze; for example, when a new customer support rep joins the team, their manager can explain how the product works while streaming it, with all the texture and features that simple video conference screen sharing doesn’t have. Recorded demos, webinars, and even bug reporting are all easier through Korkuma. 

6. Picture-in-Picture Events

When watching an Instagram Live or a Twitter stream there’s only one thing on the screen, and businesses are missing out on converting customers when their attention is highest. Korkuma fixes this, by creating events where customers can watch, browse, and interact, without losing sight of the event they’re watching.  For luxury brands, this is a life-saver; imagine organizing a livestream shopping session between a sales rep and a high-profile customer (think Lady Gaga buying Balenciaga, or Ronaldo browsing suits)- audiences tune in to see their favorite celebrities buy, and with Korkuma, there’s no friction between them and a purchase.


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