How to create a perfect product page

Product pages are one of the most important pages you have on your online store. A good product page will convert a browser into a buyer. They will also give thorough details and correct information about the product, thus reducing the return rates from those who make a purchase.

How to write the perfect product description

The perfect product description should be detailed but also scannable. Customers don’t want to be met with a wall of text that they have to read through to find out what particular product information they need. 

The easiest way around this is to do your product description in bullet point form. By doing this your customer’s eye will naturally be drawn from point to point in a digestible way.

According to the Nielsen Norman Group, the way you write your product descriptions can improve usability by 124%. They highlight the three things you can do to make your descriptions the best. These three recommendations are that your descriptions should be scannable, concise, and objective. 

In addition to making your content easily readable, product descriptions should also be honest. While you want to sell your product this shouldn’t be achieved by exaggerating any features. Instead, sell the product on its own merits. This will help to reduce your product returns and in turn make your business more profitable. 

It is also a good idea to keep a similar layout for all your product descriptions. This helps with brand recognition and familiarity, which are both shown to increase sales. 

How to take the perfect product photo

To ensure you have the product photos to best represent your brand you should always prioritize quality. If you have low-quality images you should expect this to impact your sales negatively. 

It is also important that your product photo clearly shows how the product looks in real life. If the photography is poor and someone purchases something expecting it to look different, e.g. a different shade of color, or size, they will most likely return the item, and in some cases give your brand a negative review for misinformation.

Taking a short course in product photography, hiring a professional, or even doing extensive research online, can all help you with this.

Just as with the product descriptions, you should also try and keep your product photos looking consistent as this will add to your brand image.

Photos should be taken from different angles of your products, and you may even wish to include some 360-degree images to really help your customers grasp how the product looks.

A zoom feature is also a good idea as it allows customers to focus on certain aspects of your product in more detail to help them make their decision on whether or not to purchase. 

It is also a good idea, especially for fashion brands, to include photo reviews from customers. By doing this you increase trust in your brand but also organically increase the information that is available for each of your products. This again makes for better-informed purchases and so reduces your return rates. It can be especially useful in terms of fashion brands as customers get to see the clothes modeled on different sizes and shapes of bodies, they may also gain styling inspiration from the photos posted by other customers.

Shipping information

While you don’t want to have all your shipping information listed on your product page, you can get around this by having a clickable button that will take you through to a page with all the shipping information.

It is also a good idea to have some kind of indication of any free shipping offers you have. This can be done by having a banner at the top of the page that simply states Free Shipping on orders over $20, or whatever your respective offers are. 

Having small snippets of your shipping information on the product page, e.g. any free shipping offers or the price of shipping, reduces the chance of your customers moving off the product page and thus increases the chance of them going through with a purchase. 

Customer reviews

Having customer reviews on your product pages is a sure-fire way to make more sales. Research has shown that customer reviews are up to 12 times more trusted than the product descriptions written by the manufacturer or seller. This is important because trust is essential to making sales. 

You should encourage your customers to leave you reviews. This can be done via automated emails when someone makes a purchase, or through programs that automatically contact customers for you.

Live shopping

Once you have the perfect product page set up you may wish to take it even further. Research has shown that having product videos can increase conversion rates and increases the chance of site visitors making a purchase by 64-85%.

While this research is just based on pre-recorded videos you can take the idea even further and implement live shopping onto your website.

With marketers experiencing a 34% increase in conversions when including video content over any other form of information, live shopping can unleash your potential. 

In a way, live shopping effectively combines all of the above points into one seamless stream. During this stream, you, or a chosen host, will present your chosen products, give all the relevant information about them, answer your customer’s questions that they can ask via the live chat feature, and much more. 

It is a simple and effective way to present and sell your products to potentially thousands of customers at the same time.


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