Major brands using livestream shopping to increase sales

The Pandemic restricted sales around the world. Brands with sales reliant on static shops, where customers walk in to try products and interact with trained staff, are asking the question of how best to adapt their business for the online environment.  

From everyday items to luxurious goods.

Customer behavior, especially their purchasing patterns, are changing and brands need to adapt to that. One of the latest and greatest tools, that helps to transform the offline experience online, is livestream shopping, also referred to as live shopping.

Methods and situations in which this technology can be used are limitless.

For example, selling of luxurious jewelry, where the designer showcases their work live, talks about the inspiration for each design, while answering questions via live chat during the stream.

Or how about a mattress sale, where the expert is one of your trained store assistants. She or he can talk about the size, the make, the specific features customers look for when shopping for a mattress.

How about a cooking show during which you can buy ingredients to cook with.

Livestream shopping, in short, is a sales tool that opens up a new method of online sales.

In the US and Asia, where similar e-commerce trends tend to start and spread into the world, retailers are achieving interesting results, as this new technology reaches popularity in Europe.

What brands are using livestream shopping?

We prepared several examples of how this technology, based on live video and direct interaction, can be used in practice:

Currys PC World and their online sales assistants

UK-based wholesaler Currys is a great example of a brand that is relying primarily on its shops and well-trained staff members.

As part of their pandemic response, the UK brand introduced their Go Instore Virtual Shopping, thanks to which you can take a walk through the store with a sales assistant that will gladly help you with your choices.

This is known as a one-to-one form of live shopping. The benefit is that you can focus on your customers individually. However, the brand loses the ability to create events for customers to join, but rather has to wait for the customer to contact them first.

Woman streams a sneaker she is selling


One-to-many is another way to use live shopping in reaching thousands of customers at once.

One brand that decided to use this technology is Samsung. The South Korean giant used this technology to introduce their newest product to the market, achieving the best from both the online and the offline world.

During a few live events, in which Samsung used influencers, the company managed to gain immediate feedback and reached a conversion point that doubled the original campaign goal.

Samsung debuts live shopping

Amazon Live

Keeping an eye on what technologies Amazon invests in is a good indicator of what will probably be the next big e-commerce trend. This big online retailer decided to adapt to this trend by creating their own livestream platform.

The platform itself is gaining popularity, which resulted in the creation of Amazon’s Influencer Program. People who sell and showcase their products using live shopping can join the program.

Sports clothing retailer Stronger

Swedish brand, which gained notoriety with their sports leggings for women, is one of the boldest companies that decided to use this new technology to offer their customers a unique shopping experience.

The potential of using influencers, who can showcase items in detail, combined with live chat where customers may ask anything and get instant responses from the customer care team, is considered a revolutionary form of online sales.

Stronger stream with influencers to sell sports wear

Kim Kardashian

Controversial celebrity and an experienced businesswoman, Kim Kardashian decided to use livestreaming to introduce her latest line of cosmetics. She found some interesting levels of success.

Using the Chinese livestreaming platform Taobao Ms Kardashian managed to sell around 15k bottles of perfume in a matter of minutes.

Not every brand can afford a person such as Kim Kardashian, but live shopping opens up new paths to combine influencer marketing with direct sales.

Imagine that you, as part of some cooperation with a local influencer, kick-start an interactive livestream event, during which the mentioned celebrity tries on & showcases your products, and your customers can buy them live during the stream. All of this encouraged more by a special one-time live stream discount offer.  

Cosmetic brand Keils

How can you offer your customers new shopping experiences, which will lead them to create a strong sense of community that knows and understands your brand, while maintaining organic methods of purchase?

This expert in skincare decided to take their static store experience and translate it online, while at the same time preserving a high standard of service, which their customers are used to.

They involved the most valuable aspect, that the pandemic did not allow them to use, their employees and experts for skincare.

Korkuma, the first Czech sales tool for creating livestream shopping events

We believe that brands want to actively reach their customers and create that unique shopping experience. For this reason, we created our One-to-Many solution.

A look at Korkuma’s streaming service

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