How to use social media to promote your livestream

While livestream shopping is undoubtedly going to push your business forward and your sales up, it goes without saying that you first need viewers on your stream for it to be a success.

One of the easiest and most effective ways in which you can gain the exposure your brand requires is via social media promotion. This will not only help your livestreams, but with a little effort, social media can prove invaluable to your brand's journey.

How to start your social media journey

If you are to get the most out of your brand's social media presence it is essential that you have a plan in place. This should take into account your goals so that you can regularly review your journey and results. This will not only keep you on track but will also ensure you aren’t wasting any time on dead posts.

When starting with your brand’s social media account you should always consider who your audience is. With around 4.2 billion active social media users today, your potential reach is huge. It is paramount that you know who your customers are so you can target them specifically.

A typical Facebook user will have more than 1,000 potential news feed posts at a time, so it is essential for you to stand out and catch the interest of your target audience. You won’t manage this by simply doing a generic post aimed at anyone and everyone. Do some research into what is trending amongst your target demographic.

Look at your competitors and see what works for them. Obviously, you don’t want to copy them, as unique content will stand out and gain you more customer engagement. However, it is useful to learn from other's successes and failures. There is no reason for you to go through the process of trial and error to figure out what works when others have done this for you.

You should also learn when the best times are to post for your desired outcome. This will vary depending on different factors, such as who your customers are and what industry your business is in. You can find out all sorts of useful analytical reports on the best posting times with a simple google search.

One final important piece of the puzzle is to ensure you have all the details on your pages filled out. With more than 44% of internet users using social media sites to discover new brands you are only holding yourself back by not providing all the information people may be searching for.

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One of the more advanced and expensive promotion options is the involvement of influencers.

What can social media do for you

With so many users around the globe, social media is a powerful tool, not just for brand awareness but also for your brand image. You should decide what you want this image to be and remain consistent with it. You can use this to help set the tone of not only your social media posts but also your livestreams.

By creating a consistent brand image you help to create a sense of familiarity and trust amongst your customers, thus helping to drive sales up. In fact, keeping your brand’s image consistent has been shown to increase revenue by 33%.

Another powerful function of social media is the ability it gives you to engage directly with your customers. While you may feel this is unnecessary at first glance, it will not only help build trust and loyalty amongst your customers but it also helps your brand’s posts rise in the algorithms of these sites. This in turn provides you with more, free, exposure.

This also serves as good practice for your livestreams as you will be used to engaging with your customers and so will be able to utilize the live chat feature to increase sales further. This concept should not be overlooked, with around 41% of customers saying they prefer live chat over other forms of support.

Social media accounts have now made customer engagement even easier than ever before. By using features such as Twitter polls and interactive stickers on Instagram, you can easily increase your customer's interactions with your posts.

You can use this customer interaction as a way of increasing viewers for your livestreams. Create shareable posts that offer discounts to the first 10 or so shares to be used during your livestream. You can come up with many ideas such as this.

Once you start gaining followers to your accounts you can encourage interaction in more creative ways. Invite customers to share pictures of the products they have purchased from you and share these from your brand's account, be sure to tag them though. This will not only develop your customer relationships further but will also increase your brand's exposure.

Finally, there is also the option of using paid ads on social media sites, or by paying influencers, who already have a large following, to promote your brand or product. These options can add quite a bit of extra cost and so should only be considered when you are certain you have got everything else down to a T.

Important takeaways

  • Maintaining a dialogue with your customers is by far one of the most worthwhile ways to spend your time on social media. Not only will this create an amazing base from which to draw support and sales, but it will also help you tailor your brand's image to one that best represents your target audience. Interacting with your customers on a one-to-one basis can teach you far more than any random analytical study found on google.
  • While it is important to maintain a regular presence on social media, don’t overdo it. You don’t want your followers to feel like they are being spammed. Instead aim for interesting and entertaining posts, uploaded regularly but not excessively. This will keep your fans engaged and wanting more.
  • By keeping posts interesting and entertaining you also increase the chances of them being shared. Think of this as free marketing. All it requires is a little research into current trends and some innovation on your part.
  • Don’t oversell your business, you don’t want to appear too desperate in your brand promotion. Many businesses stick to a one-in-seven rule whereby for every directly promotional post, there should be six content-based posts.  
  • While social media is a powerful tool for promotion, you also want to ensure people are aware of your brand’s pages. Add icons to your website, emails, blogs, and newsletters (if you have them) to remind people to check out your social media pages. You can also do some cross-promotion by reminding users of one social media account that you have pages on other sites, e.g. promote your Instagram page on your Twitter.
  • Finally, don’t rule anything out. You may think Facebook is for Boomers and TikTok for Gen Z but you’d be wrong. With TikTok earning a massive 56 million new app downloads in December 2020 alone, and nearly a quarter of Facebook users being aged between 18 and 24, you’d potentially be missing out on a large part of your potential market by ruling certain sites out.

Hopefully, by now you are fully aware of just how important social media can be for your business. Maybe you already have brand pages but don’t use them as often as you should, or maybe you are yet to start your social media journey. Either way, with a little time and dedication you can have a powerful marketing tool that does most of the work for you.

Once your social media pages are up to scratch you can begin promoting your livestream shopping events. This will help drive your profits and brand in the right direction and ensure you smash the competition.


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