The quickest way to start streaming on your website

Many websites and platforms offer a livestreaming service, all of which have different things going for them. We at Korkuma pride ourselves in offering one of the quickest and simplest ways in which you can start livestreaming from your website today, a process that can be completed in under 5 minutes. 

Before you begin the process you will first need to register your account with Korkuma, a process that is done in two easy steps. 

When you visit the Korkuma website you will see the option in the top right corner to sign in, select this option. You will then be taken to the sign-in page where you can enter your details. Before you do this, if you don’t already have an existing account, select the sign-up option at the bottom of the page. 

Sign-up screen for Korkuma

Once you are all signed up you will be sent a verification email. Click on the link Verify your email address button and this will take you through to a page to input some details about your business and e-commerce site. 

Once you have completed these steps you will see the option to click through to your dashboard.

When the sign-up is complete you can click through to your dashboard

From this point on you will be able to access your Korkuma dashboard from which you will find the code needed to implement Korkuma onto your website.

Implementing Korkuma onto your site is easy. Simply go to the Installation tab in your Korkuma account and copy the code you see there.

Copy your unique code to embed your stream onto your own site

Open your website admin and locate where you can paste a custom piece of code. Make sure you paste the Korkuma script into the right place, which is the <head> section of your website. 

Should you run into some issues in this step, please let us know at

Once you have published the changes in your website admin, return to the Installation tab in Korkuma’s Settings and hit Check installation status.

You should see that the installation was successful, which means you can go ahead and start streaming.

There is also information available on how to install Korkuma onto some of the most popular e-commerce sites should you need a more comprehensive guide. 

Once you have a Korkuma account set up you can start streaming on your site in under 5 minutes, making it one of the quickest and easiest ways to livestream. 

If you still feel lost we’ve put together this handy video guide that walks you through the process.

Book a free consultation with one of our staff members or trial Korkuma today for free!


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