Getting the most out of your livestream

Livestream shopping holds a lot of promise for your business and we are sure that many of you are anxious to get started and have your first stream up and running. While we commend this enthusiasm there are a few things to consider before you launch into your first feature. 

While you may feel ready to get streaming straight off the bat, there is one very good reason to delay...viewers. 

Instead of going straight from signup to live event, you should treat your stream as you would any marketing campaign. This will allow you to generate interest in the event and more importantly to generate viewers when you finally hold the stream. 

This means that when you are setting up your first event you should select a date that is at least a week in advance. To do this you should first make sure your signup process is complete and you have already embedded your unique Korkuma code into the <head> section of your website. We have more information on how to complete this process here. Once this step is complete you should select the New Event setup button.

This will take you through to a page where you can input the details of your event. Simply fill out all of the windows with your Event Image, Streamer name, Event name, Description, Date, and Time. Once you have filled these out, you can press the Setup event button.

Once your event is all set up you will then be taken through to a page with an overview of all your event details. It is on this page that you will also find the link to share with those who you wish to view your stream. 

Share your unique link with people to have them view your stream

Simply select the Copy Link button under the Share this event heading and use this to send out to your desired viewers. 

Remember, the stream will not automatically show up to all visitors on your website, only those whole follow the link you are provided with that has Korkuma’s code inserted. 

You should therefore promote your livestream event beforehand. This can be done in any way you choose. Some of the more simple, cost-effective ways are via newsletters, emails, and social media, just make sure you are always putting your stream link in all these campaigns.

Should you need more inspiration we have a blog dedicated to helping you promote your stream on social media here.


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