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Helping brands sell through live video

We love to take on new challenges and live eCommerce is something we know we can improve like no one before.

The Team

Our team was originally assembled in 2019 to work on a video streaming platform Cinnamon. Today we are expanding with Korkuma.

Robert Tarabcak

CEO & Founder

Founder and CEO of the startup Korkuma, a sales tool that enables live eCommerce on your own website. He has extensive experience in the startup world from Silicon Valley. Robert leads his team to take on the world of eCommerce with Korkuma.

Lukas Cech

Chief Design Officer & Co-founder

As our Co-founder & Chief Design Officer, Luke leads all design-orientated work. He loves art & pineapple pizza.

Norbert Durcansky

Chief Technology Officer & Co-Founder

Co-founded Korkuma and currently works as its Chief of Web. He enjoys travel and riding mopeds on the beach.

Roman Novak

Chief Information Officer & Co-Founder

Co-founder & Chief Technology Officer for Korkuma. He manages all of our backend work. He loves chocolate and learning new things.

Ulyana Hashchuk

Frontend Engineer

Ulyana is a frontend developer of client applications for managing live streaming events. She also loves to travel and explore new places.

Jan Valuch

Marketing Manager

Jan is responsible for generating demand & growth for the company. He enjoys playing basketball & lifting weights.

Oldrich Muller

Chief of Staff

As Chief of Staff, Oldrich helps CEO with a variety of topics, namely marketing, investor relations, business governance and HR.

Filip Malypetr

Product Manager

Korkuma’s Product Manager. He reads Dave Eggers, suffers from massive FOMO when a colleague buys new shoes, and trains to hike over the Alp.

Zdenek Czerny

Vice President of Finance

Zdenek supports financial, legal and HR matters. He enjoys traveling, being outdoorsy, surfing and reading a good book.

Rastislav Baca

Marketing Content Specialist

Rastislav delivers all visual materials for our campaigns and the company's brand presence. He also loves music, cameras, and his dog.

Valerie Tarabcak

Backend Engineer

Backend developer for Korkuma. Also an amazing baker and a bunny mum, with 7 years of experience in sport shooting.

Our story

Team Korkuma consists of a diverse group of professionals, with backgrounds in several different industries. We immediately saw the potential of live commerce, however, looking at the markets around us we noticed live commerce was either overpriced, non-existent, or monopolized. Our team decided to make live commerce available for every business.