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Rock band John Wolfhooker provides a live experience for their fans and sells merchandise with livestream shopping
Industry: art & entertainment
Host: band members
Toolkit: iPhone for streaming, Korkuma livestream solution
John Wolfhooker is a progressive four-piece rock band from Prague known for breaking down boundaries of musical genres, creative instrumental parts, catchy choruses, and energetic live shows. The band sold out clubs in Czechia and played the main stage of one of the biggest festivals in Europe and Canada.


When COVID-19 first hit Czechia it became apparent that the band wouldn’t be able to rely on their usual methods of engaging with their fans. This issue was faced by musicians across the globe, especially as the nature of income for many musicians relies heavily on a personal engagement with their fans. Instead of admitting defeat, John Wolfhooker looked for different solutions and ways in which they could maintain these relationships and thus, a form of income. Finding a solution for this problem came in the form of Korkuma, our handy livestreaming tool that can be easily integrated into any existing website. As the world closed its doors to social interaction, John Woolfhooker opened up their website to their fans and with the help of Korkuma maintained an open dialogue with their supporters, selling both their merchandise and albums in real-time through a live video stream.

"Our fans are an essential part of our journey and it’s important to be as close to them as possible. So we decided to transform our web page into a live experience they will love, using Korkuma’s livestream solution."

Martin Cupka, Vocals & PR, John Wolfhooker

Creating an authentic experience

It was important to John Wolfhooker that their fans’ experience was authentic, rather than feeling like a sales pitch. This is what led them to their decision to use Korkuma to run the livestream. This allowed them to stream from the comfort of their own recording studio, maintaining a relaxed atmosphere that would benefit both the fans and the band. All that was required for this event to go ahead was a smartphone to film on, and Korkuma to be implemented on their web page, a process that can be completed in a couple of minutes. It was then up to the band to inform their fans of the upcoming event, achieved via a few simple social media posts in the days prior to the event.
Livestream shopping event on John Wolfhooker's website.

"We were surprised how easy it was to implement Korkuma on our web page and start the stream. It took us 10 minutes to set up the whole event."

Adrian Janecek, Drums & visuals, John Wolfhooker

Encourage fans to directly support the band

While it was important to the band that the event saw success in the way of selling merchandise, it was just as important to give their fans a fun and exciting experience. While presenting their newest merchandise fans could have an open dialogue with the band, achieved by the live chat feature. This allowed fans to ask questions, gain insights about the band and their future plans, all this while purchasing merch without leaving the stream.
John Wolfhooker is streaming and selling live to their fans.


The band’s first stream attracted almost 400 viewers with an average viewing time of almost 13 minutes - this is a great outcome for the first session! Within this 90 minute event, they increased item sales by 80% (when compared with the last 3 months).

“During the 90 minute livestream, John Wolfhooker sold merchandise which corresponded to 62% of the monthly revenues of the band from their online store (an average in the last 3 months).''

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