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Neobotanics use livestream shopping to sell their CBD products on their website
Industry: health & beauty
Host: brand ambassador
Toolkit: iPhone for streaming, Korkuma livestream solution
Neobotanics is one of the most progressive companies pioneering the development of CBD (cannabinoid) products in the Czech Republic. They create products based on the most recent medical and scientific findings as well as innovative biotechnological production processes. At the same time they are transparent about their ingredients and offer great customer support. The company mainly offers a wide range of premium cannabis products for skin care.


Neobotanics has mainly been selling its products through business partners abroad. Recently the founder of the company, Prof. Ing. Petr Kaštánek, PhD., realized that they could offer their products directly from their website to their customers in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. Unfortunately, the company doesn’t have a big marketing/sales team so they decided to look for more suitable ways to sell their products. The challenge for the Neobotanics’ team was to encourage both new and current customers to buy new products and to do this by taking advantage of their brand ambassadors. This is when the Neobotanics’ team decided to try Korkuma in order to launch Livestream shopping events on their website.

“We wanted to get closer to our end customers who actually use our products and provide them with all details about our products and ingredients we use. Livestream shopping turned out to be the best choice.”

Prof. Ing. Petr Kaštánek, PhD, Founder, Neobotanics

Live interactions create stronger connections

Neobotanics debuted their new collection of CBD products with an online event, which was hosted by their ambassador. They decided there would be one livestream for each product from the new collection and during the stream, it would be possible to buy that particular product at a discounted price. For the first stream, the ambassador presented Neobotanics’ own ice gel with CBD, which works great for joint and muscle pain. During the livestream the ambassador interacted with the viewers and answered their questions in real-time, creating an interactive shopping experience. He also provided tips on how to apply and use the cream correctly in order to get maximum results and spoke about his own experience with it. To encourage the viewers to make a purchase there was a discount of 30% for the duration of the event. Neobotanics was able to run the livestream show in-house, with minimal guidance from Korkuma's Customer Support team.
Livestream shopping event on Neobotanics' website.

“Thanks to our ambassador who spoke about his actual experience with our products, the sales during the live event were authentic and generated a high revenue in a very short period of time without much effort.”

Prof. Ing. Petr Kaštánek, PhD, Founder, Neobotanics


While Neobotanics didn’t run any big campaigns promoting the livestream, only sharing the event among their customers and fans on social media, the results were encouraging. The number of orders reached within 15-minutes livestream what is typical for an average week. 
Neobotanics' ambassador is streaming and selling live to their customers.


When the team compared their ordinary vs. livestream sales, they found that one livestream generated 1/4 of their monthly revenue (average for the last three months). The stream has experienced an amazing conversion rate of 11% which is 3 times more than the industry average (3.6% in Health & Wellbeing). This proves that customers like this new way of shopping.

“Within a 15-minutes long livestream, Neobotanics generated 105% of weekly online sales (average for 2Q21).”

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